We’ve answered some of the top questions about the app here. For more detailed guides and instructions, see our Help Centre, or get in touch by emailing [email protected].


Does Store Pickup + Delivery offer a delivery service?

No. Our app offers the order management and scheduling tools you’ll need, but we don’t offer a physical delivery service. However, we do have integrations with Deliv and Quiqup, who have delivery services in the US and UK/UAE, respectively. We are regularly adding new integrations: if you have a great local delivery partner let us know.

Does the app calculate local taxes for my store?

In Shopify, taxes for U.S. stores are calculated based on the product’s shipping address, or the store’s address for in-store purchases. In the case of pickup orders, Store Pickup + Delivery pre-populates the ‘shipping’ address as the store’s address, meaning the correct tax rate is applied at checkout.

Does Store Pickup + Delivery work with Shopify POS?

Yes. Our full integration with the POS app means you can create, view, manage and organise your orders in-store via your outlet’s Shopify POS system.

Does the app support inventory across multiple store locations?

Yes it does. It’s compatible with Shopify’s Locations feature, and synchronises your product inventory levels with the app. That allows you only to show customers outlets where the selected products are in stock.

Can I see all upcoming orders in a calendar view style?

Yes, the Dashboard lists all of your pickup and delivery orders chronologically, based on date and time, and also location. Through our Zapier integration, you can synchronise your orders with a Google Calendar account.

Which countries is the app compatible with?

You can use Store Pickup + Delivery in every country that Shopify and BigCommerce support.

Does Store Pickup + Delivery work in my country?

Yes. The app works worldwide. Wherever Shopify works, so does Store Pickup + Delivery. Currently, the app’s front end – shown to your customers – is available in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

The admin panel – as well as the Shopify POS app – is only available in English, but we’re adding new languages right now and will launch those in 2019.


Local Delivery

Can the app show delivery date and time on draft orders?

Yes it can. Just click ‘More actions’ when creating a draft order and select Store Pickup + Delivery. You’ll then be able to input a date and time into the order.

Can I charge delivery pricing according to distance?

Yes. By adding our Delivery Rates by Distance app to your store, you can define and customise the price you charge according to a customer’s location. The app lets you easily set pricing for each store, in either kilometres of miles. Distances are calculated using Google Maps.

Can I add a delivery fee per order?

Yes. You can define and customise your order delivery fees within the app. For more complex setups, we have built integrations with Delivery Rates by Distance, Delivery Rates by Zip Code, Intuitive Shipping, Bespoke Shipping and Advanced Shipping Rules. To use this functionality, you’ll need Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API enabled on your store. By default, it’s included in Shopify Advanced and Plus plans. For all other plans it costs $20/month – or added free with an annual plan.

Is it possible to offer only the delivery features?

Yes. You can set the whole app to run in delivery-only mode by disabling shipping and pickup. Or, define specific outlets that only offer delivery. If your business never offers pickup, you can also choose the delivery-only subscription.

Is it possible to only use your delivery features?

Yes. Once you have installed the app you can specify which checkout methods (shipping, pickup and delivery) you want enabled. Just disable both shipping and pickups and you are good to go!

Can I restrict deliveries to specific postal codes or radius?

Yes you can. We offer three types of distance validation:

  • Exact and partial postal code matching, where customers enter their location which is matched against eligible postal codes for their chosen outlet. If there’s a match, local delivery becomes available.
  • Maximum distance, where you define an as-the-crow-flies limit from a given location as the furthest you deliver.
  • Driving distance, where we use Google Maps to calculate the actual distance from your store to check if a customer is within your set maximum distance.

Can I limit the number of deliveries per time slot?

Yes you can. Set maximum deliveries for each delivery slot (right down to 5-minute intervals) to make sure you avoid taking more orders than you can fulfill.


Store Pickup

Can I limit the number of pickups for a given time slot?

Not quite yet. Although we offer delivery slot caps, we’re not ready to launch the same functionality for pickup slots. We’re working on it right now, though, and will roll it out in early 2019.

Can I control which products are available and from where?

Yes, you can. Any product can be set to pickup-only. You can also define what products are available at each outlet, to avoid your customers buying products that aren’t locally available. To help you add automation and advanced tools to your store, we’ve built integrations with Vend, Veeqo and Shopify Multi-location Inventory.

Can I limit pickups to customers within a certain distance from my store?

We don’t offer that feature. Limiting pickups orders by distance is usually bad for your store. People often place pickup orders when they’re visiting friends and family or travelling to an event. Their home address may be a long way away, but as long as you’ve taken payment, there’s no downside.

Can I mark specific products as pickup only?

Yes. You can easily set individual products to pickup-only. We’ve written a short guide on the Knowledge Base showing you how to set that up.


Shipping Calendar

Do I need to use the shipping calendar to offer product shipping?

No, you don’t. The shipping calendar is an optional add-on. With it, customers can choose a date from available options – giving them more convenience and helping you avoid over-commitment.

Does the app offer a shipping calendar?

Yes it does. We’ve built a full calendar feature set, which can be activated by adding it to your subscription vis the Settings page.